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By Abdulrasheed Akogun 

All seem not to be well in the International Vocational and Technical  College, Ajase Ipo, Kwara State, if information reaching is anything to go by, as serious allegations of insider abuse, highhandedness and financial impropriety is hanging on the neck of Dr. Ade Somide, the School's Rector and SSA Investment to the Governor, Mr. Abayomi Ogunsola.

According to multiple sources who spoke with on condition of anonymity, he said "The rector, Dr. Ade Somide and Abayomi Ogunsola have been milking the school dry, through a company (Praxis Atlantis) jointly owned by both men the Dr. Somide and Ogunsola, under a #120M consultancy arrangement payable annually.

Dr. Somide

Mr. Abayomi Ogunsola, who is a board member of the College, is an associate of the outgoing Governor of Kwara state, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed and Director General, Kwara State Public Private Partnership Bureau (KP3).

Investigation by the team into the allegations surrounding the relationship of Praxis Atlantis and IVTEC showed that the consulting firm's name is actually on the college handbook, departmental handbook, staff hand book and even have a domain on the College website

Also, checks on Praxis Atlantis website listed IVTEC Rector, Dr. Ade Somide as the President and CEO of Praxis Atlantis, Mr. Abayomi Ogunsola, the Director General of Kwara State Public Private Partnership Bureau and IVTEC board member is a resident/affiliate expert and Chief Executive Assistant of the company.

Other board members of Praxis Atlantis include David Lee, Ainsley Thomas, 
Brian Michael Henehan among others.

It was also discovered that the school have been running without a substantive bursar, this much was confirmed by, a staff of the school, who said "for over a year now that i have been working with them (IVTEC), we don't have a Bursar". 

Speaking further on the financial transaction of the school, he said "Only the Rector have access to the College account, he single handedly signs cheque no matter how much alone and even transfer money from the College account on his phone'. 

Responding to prodding  on the sources and utilization of the College (IVTEC) funds, our source revealed "we are getting funds from Kwara state Internal Revenue Service (KWIRS) as payment for training of artisans, from Presidency for training of NPOWER and NBUILD beneficiaries, from the World Bank through National Directorate of Employment (NDE) for training of Kwara Youth and even from the State Goverment to buy properties, plant and equipments (PPE)". He however noted that these funds are spent with impunity without check and balances.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that the Registrar of the College, Mr. Sunday Bello and Director of Instructional Technology Dr. Bose Oyewusi last week Tuesday (May 14th 2019) tendered there resignation letter, owing to the Rector's refusal to imbibe financial transparency.

The source further said, " the Registrar  reported the abnormalities to the board through Mr. Abayomi Ogunsola who is also a member and he (Mr. Abayomi Ogunsola) disregarded the Registrar and told him to resign like the previous Registrar if he is not satisfied with the College's modus operandi", our source added.

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  1. Another revelation of the decadence in the outgoing administration. Their white elephant projects, their crave to siphoning the states finance and plummet her economy. How long do they think the people will remain in darkness. Keep the good job going FRESHINSIGHTS TV!!!